Some 35 years later I may not have my long lost Yamaha, but the joy, curiosity and passion still remains. As a rider, collector and human being there are too many things to list as to why I enjoy this lifestyle (it’s not just a hobby).  I do believe to live life is to experience life, and motorcycles are about experiencing it…from the history to the adventurous rides, emotions and imaginations are peaked, time and time again. My experience truly is rolling meditation, with the occasional endorphin injections caused by the blip of a 160+ horse powered motor connected to two wheels.

As a history buff and collector, there is a huge space to play in when it comes to the impact of the motorcycle on the human race.  The single cylinders of the 1900’s, bicycles with motors mounted on them and then the community service associated with their use in military, first aid and law enforcement. One of the coolest moto’s I owned was a Harley Police Road King that spent two years in service as a Police Interceptor (sold it to my good friend Phil, he is the current caretaker!).

As an adrenaline junkie, race fan and someone that loves to test his own skills they do bring me great satisfaction, but as a human being and fan of the great efforts of the past I must say that my 200 HP motorcycle isn’t the one that really floats my boat, it’s the 50 year old Ducati 450 CC, 30 horsepower, antiquated single piston, two wheeler that makes me smile widest! What roles did it play and where did it play them? A barn find reborn! In this space the historical races, champions that won them and manufacturers that pushed the limits of the current technologies do have fascinating stories to tell, and occasionally seeing and sometimes riding one of the moto’s of days gone by is just as thrilling as a 0 to 100 MPH 5 second burst on a modern Ducati superbike!

Whether you are a collector of 1, an owner of none or blessed with a full stable of the moto’s, there are many, many ways to enjoy the hobby of the motorcycle and a huge community just waiting to share the journey with you!

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Enjoy the ride!!

Ty Moore

The history, passion, and culture of motorcycles! 

The hobby, the life style.

I remember my first motorcycle as if it was yesterday, a DT125 of the early 70’s allowed me to escape as a young boy that in reflection was well beyond my own appreciation. The mobility of an adult, the ability to explore as a curious child and the joy of learning the skills required to ride and repair. As a fan of the related moto sports it was the excitement of Bob Hannah and Kenny Roberts from the days gone by, with Valintino Rossi and Chas Davis leading the way today.