July 18t-19 at Pacific Raceways Race Update
Weekend  went great, Cameron had the fastest lap of the day on Saturday and brought the Sumerian Brewing/Ducati Bellevue sponsored Ducati in  7th and 4th in the two races. An electrical gremlin slowed him but we resolved it and at 100%! Overall he did awesome and the moto rode strong!  #StealIt

Bill is the teams crew chief and a Master Ducati Technician. He is responsible for every aspect of the teams racing program on the mechanical side of the operations, from ensuring rider safety to making sure the bikes are tuned for a specific race environment.  When Bill isn't with the team he can be found at Bellevue Ducati where he is the shops Master Technician and Ducati GURU! Teams have to take the checker to win, and with Bill on the team it puts all the pressure on the riders, the bikes wont fail!! :)

Bill Dahl

crew chief

Corrie Hiatt
Team Mngr.

Corrie is the team’s business manager, assisting in all business related matters from advertising and marketing to driving our schedule. She is a recent graduate from the University of Washington as a community psychology major (with this team that will be a big advantage!). During this time, she received a high honors scholastic award for being on the Dean’s list. With Corrie what comes first in her life is family. With a handicapped brother, she created a passion for assisting any cause such as: volunteering for the elementary school as an American Sign Language instructor or Catholic Community Chore Services assisting with the disabled. Alongside the intense passion for personal progression, she also enjoys various activities such as motorcycling, hiking, shopping, going fast in any motorized vehicle or even riding a unicycle!

Current Schedule of 2015 Races:
May 4th - The Ridge Test & tune
June 7th PIR  Test & tune
July 18th - 19th Pacific Raceways Sprint Races 
August 29th - 30th Pacific Raceways Sprint Races - cancelled waether

Team Ducati Speed is a privateer effort dedicated to the promotion of motorsports racing, supporting the community and experiencing life!

Ty brings a long history of competition in a variety of motorsports to the team beginning with dirt bikes when he was 11 years old! With over 20 years of auto racing experience at the amateur and professional levels and instructing in high performance driving and racing schools.  When not driving or riding he is the Captain of a USAT multisport team where he manages the Road Marshalls for the CFF Cycle For Life, and represented the PNW in the US National Championships in 2013 and 2014. Ty founded Team Ducati Speed for the pure love of motorsports, community service and love of Ducati's'!

Cameron first rode a motorcycle at the age of 3, at 11 years old he won his 2nd flat track race on a 2001 CR80R. Moving back over to motocross in 2004-05 he won the Motocross Northwest Series Championship  and placed second in the 2005-2006 Pacific Northwest motocross series. Cameron raced motocross through his teens and twenties, when he started working for Eastside Motosports/ Ducati Bellevue 6 years ago he transitioned his skills and passion over to high performance road course driving and instructing at road course events. An established rider and Ducati services professional by trade he lives to ride and knows a lot about the ride/sport! Cameron will be piloting the Team Ducati Speed 848 EVO again in the 2016 Season.

Cameron West

Ty Moore

Welcome to Team Ducati Speed