Join DESMO Northwest! The official
Ducati Owners Club in the Pacific Northwest

of the United States.

Follow the link below to register and then join us on Facebook at the second link…. Once the registration is submitted the club will contact you with next steps.

Joining the club means enjoying privileges reserved for D.O.C. members such as: official communication welcoming you to the world community of D.O.C. members; a personalized D.O.C. member's card that states our club's name, to use as proof of status in the Ducati world; exclusive D.O.C. gadgets including a t-shirt, patch, pin badge and helmet bag; the chance to participate at discounted rates in events such as World Ducati Week (WDW), the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) riding school, motorcycle trade shows like EICMA and many other initiatives promoted by Ducati, free guided tours of the Ducati factory and museum and continuous Ducati-related surprises.

That simple, look forward to seeing you and your Ducati at future gatherings & rides! Look for event details on the clubs Facebook page (link below).
This is the page on for DESMO Northwest: (Click link below to register)

This is the DESMO Northwest Facebook page:

DESMO = Ducati Enthusiast Sport Motorcycle Organization

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