Feb 18-19, 2016 Seattle, WA.

Ian Falloon, noted Ducati expert and author was in town to view and authenticate Ducati’s here in the Northwest. Today he viewed the Gary Lewis collection, both complete Ducati’s and a stock pile of parts. Below are some images to enjoy! Peter Hageman (noted Ducati and Bentley guru, khaki pants) also pictured was the man behind Ian’s visit and between the 3 of them no Ducati question can go unanswered.

Worth noting is the “Falloon Report”, as part of this service Ian creates a 35-40 page, hardbound report focused on the Ducati he is authenticating.  This document is the provenance that should accompany any top of the line vintage Ducati, I included a couple images of the actual report.  

Future event: Ian and Mike of Bellevue Ducati agreed to host a club event/social when he returns this summer for those wishing to meet Ian and have him sign his books (he is happy to oblige and talk Ducati all eve long!).  Stay tuned for the details.  Mechanical art and history all rolled into one!

Day two, pictures at right: Ian, Gary and Peter joined myself and the crew at Bellevue Ducati to inspect and catalog the Darmah pictured on this page.  Ian Falloon’s masterful book “Ducati Bevel Twins 1971-1986 Authenticity & Restoration Guide” 300 pages of history, component detail and photographs. This book is a must if you are going to dive into the world of Darmah’s (or Bevel Twins),cover and example pages pictured at right.

Gary Lewis shares the history of two rare vintage race Ducati's.

Ian Falloon visits the PacifIC NORTHWESTS Gary Lewis Collection