The Highly Exclusive Ducati Superleggera Panigale was designed and engineered to have the best power to weight ratio of any Superbike ever created. This massive twin cylinder engine features a tungsten balanced crankshaft at its heart with Titanium connecting Rods, weighing in at over 1 lb less than the 'S' model, helps this beast produce an incredible 205+ HP turning over 12,500 RPM and weighs in at a measly 342 lbs. The Wheels and frame are Magnesium, sub frame and bodywork are Carbon Fiber. Titanium Shock spring, Titanium fasteners, billet rear sets and fork bottoms all add up to a incredible weight reduction!

Ducati's Superleggera, or 'Super Light' saw 500 units produced (all were presold), this one is #236 and has 140 miles on the odometer. The 1199SL ships with a custom bike cover, front & rear stands, 2 exhaust systems (stock and racing with ECU maps) and Lithium Ion battery charger in the special Superleggra packing container.

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500 PRODUCED, #236 of series.

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Ducati 2014 1199SL #236/500

Cycle World Magazine- "This isn’t the finest production superbike of the year. It’s the most incredibly trick superbike ever made."