Videos of the first test run after finished prepping for track use on 02/14//2015.

Ducati won the 2002 Motorcycle Design Trophy for the 749/999, the Motorcycle Design Awards are given annually to the most outstanding designs, with four categories and the Trophy for best overall. This was my very first Ducati, recently taking ownership over from Bellevue Ducati, yes I bought her twice she is special and setting her up for race track use in 2015, in the pictures with Cameron and Billy below we are adjusting the handle bars and suspension.  For 2004, the 749S introduced an engine specially designed for this model. The twin cylinder Testastretta engine has been completely updated in numerous details in order to obtain a marked difference in performance compared to the 749. The modifications include the crankshaft, which has been made lighter with modified journals and newly designed flywheels. The diameter of the intake valves have been increased from 37 to 38 millimeters, to enable greater volumetric efficiency, and the opening rocker arms have been made lighter. For 2004 the horsepower rating in the 749S was increased to 110bhp. 

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Ducati 2004 749S Monoposto