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This is a very unique model for Ducati. It was designed by Pierre Terblanche (749, 999, 1st Gen Multistrada) in the late 90's in homage to Mike Hailwoods 1978 win of the Isle of Man TT. It soon came to production a few years later designated as the MH900E. This specific model number was made in the first year of production (2001).

 The sale of the MH900e was as unique as the bike itself. Ducati made the decision to sell the new bike directly to the consumer exclusively via the Internet in a form of e-commerce known as B-2-C (Business to Consumer). This was a first for any motorcycle manufacturer. It was a risky move, but the result could not have been any better.

 The Ducati website opened for orders on January 1, 2000 at 00:01am GMT at a price of Euro 15,000. The first 1000 units were sold out in 31 short minutes. The remaining bikes were sold over the next few weeks. Individuals made purchases from 20 different countries. The estimated breakdown of the sales was 30% from Europe, 30% from the US and 39% from Japan.

The production of the MH900e was originally going to be sourced out to Bimota with production beginning the summer of 2000, but the collapse of the small company resulted in Ducati keeping the production in-house. The bike would be hand-built in a corner of the Bologna Factory at a rate of 4-5 bikes per day. Due to the unexpected changes, there was a late start in production with the first bike being produced one-year after its introduction in December 2000. Production continued into 2002 resulting in two different production years associated with the VIN's (2001 and 2002).


Ducati 2001 MH900 EVOLUZIONE #359 of 2000