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1 of 80 Produced in 1996.

From 1991 to 1998, the model was called a 900SS, and was available with a full(SP) or half fairing(SS/CR). 1992 saw the addition to the SS/SL (Superlight). In 1994, to further differentiate the 900 from smaller Supersports additional models were released in addition the Superlight. The 900 SS/SP (Sport Production) was offered to the North American market only. This model had carbon fiber fenders and clutch cover, sound damping material, adjustable Showa suspension, and an aluminum swingarm. The Superlight had the same options as the SS SP but with a single seat and upswept mufflers. The CR's came with a non adjustable suspension, a steel swingarm, and a narrower 4.5-inch rear wheel and 160 section rear tire. Many riders feel the aluminum swingarms are more desirable, however, aluminum swingarms on older Supersports and Monsters are prone to cracking.

In 1997, as Supersport sales were declining due to the popularity of the Ducati Monster and Ducati Superbike lines, Ducati attempted to keep the model alive with a few final changes. Yellow was added as a color option, an additional air intake was added as well as new, bolder graphics; namely the "Ducati" emblazoned across the entire side of the Supersport body panel.

This 900 was originally purchased by the IT Director of Ducati North America and then purchased by Gary Lewis, a well known NW collector and previous owner of the Ducati shops in Seattle and Bellevue. Amazingly enough the 1998 purchase paperwork has been kept with the bike over the decades.

Production (SP) was a US market only bike. 1994 and 1995 SP's had three digit number plaques, and 1996 and 1997 had one letter and 2 digit number plates. SP's made in 1993 were badged as 94's.

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Ducati 1997 900SS/SP