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Ducati 250 MARK 3 1964 TYPE B - FIVE-SPEED (85852-92171)

1 of 179 shipped to the USA in 1964.

This Ducati 250 CC Mark 3 Type B was produced in 1964 and was the fastest production 250 CC racer of its day. The 30 horsepower motor had a 5 speed transmission, and with racing being the goal it shipped with easily removable front/rear lights, no tool or air-box.  This one was originally a barn find, and is a original survivor with 4063 miles on the odometer. Why the high handle bars and not the clip-ons associated with these race bikes? Berliner was the importer of Ducati and requested a less European-looking version, and high handlebars mounted on the upper triple clamp replaced the racing clip-ons. 

 According to Ian Falloon "Along with the introduction of the five-speed 250 GT, a five-speed 250 Mark 3 replaced the four-speed 250 Diana Mark 3 for the USA and was no longer officially termed a Diana." Obtained from the Gary Lewis collection. 

Pictured below: Noted Ducati expert and author Ian Falloon and Gary Lewis discuss and inspect the 1964 Mark 3 pictured below.