This 125 CC Ducati Sport was manufactured under license from Ducati by MotoTrans in Spain and was first shown in 1959 with production starting in 1960. Producing 10 horsepower at at 8000 RPM, it also had different suspension components and Amal carbs.  The engine number prefixes are DM on the Italian and MD on Spanish manufactured.

The 1960 Sport 125 on this page has been beautifully restored, though the tank logo should have Mototrans under the logo (example shown in images of original one). The example here is from the Gary Lewis Collection. 

‚ÄčNote: MotoTrans was a Spanish company which produced motorcycles and scooters between 1957 and 1983 when it was bought by Yamaha.

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Ducati/MotoTrans 1960 125 CC sport